Swissquote Bank Review 2021

Swissquote Bank Review 2021

A Quick Introduction

The bank was founded in 1996 then and became a publicly listed firm on the SIX Swiss stock exchange a few years later, with the ticker code SQN. Swissquote has expanded to nearly 350,000 customer accounts across Asia and Europe since then.

Swissquote has a good trust rating since it is a publicly-traded corporation and a Swiss bank with the necessary banking authorization. Furthermore, the bank provides its clientele with a lot more than simple basic securities. Futures, warrants, stocks, options, bonds, funds, currencies, ETFs, and a variety of CFD commodities are available to investors. Additionally, there are financial management and counseling services. The bank also serves retail consumers, and also institutional and wealth management clients.

Swissquote Bank has a wide selection of securities available in its trading profile, yet the amount of currencies available in its FX account is restricted to less than a hundred currency pairings. Compared to other platforms, SB scores about average when it comes to analysis and other resources. Customers may receive free of charge analyst insights in the form of technical and fundamental research through email. Not every research, however, is free of charge. On their site, there are several webinars and tutorials that discuss everything from the fundamentals of investing to sophisticated risk assessment strategies. In addition, the eTrader platform includes current news.

Account Types

The eTrader service gives the investors entry to almost three million tradeable goods, including nearly a hundred thousand derivatives. It has its own platform and it is accessible to customers in more than 119 nations across the world. The bank is not accessible in the following countries: the United States, Japan, Canada, and Malaysia.

They conduct FX investing through Swissquote Ltd. in the United Kingdom. With the noteworthy exclusions of the United States, Japan, and Canada, FX accounts are accessible around 150 nations throughout the globe. In addition to approximately a hundred currency pairings, there are many commodity pairings to buy and sell on the site.

There are 4 main sorts of FX accounts: Prime, Professional, Elite, Premium.

-The Requirements for The Pro Account

There are 3 possible requirements for obtaining a Pro Account, and customers must fulfill at least 2 of them in order to be considered. The following are these three criteria:

At least a year of expertise operating in the financial business in a job requiring securities trading capabilities;

The customer has to have at least 500,000 dollars in cash and/or assets in their portfolios.     

In the previous 4 quarters, the potential customer has traded commodities a minimum of 10 times. FX, CFDs, spreads, and futures are examples of commodities in this scenario.

Swissquote Bank Fees

During standard market sessions, the bank attempts to offer all of its customers’ reasonable rates. CFD accounts have spread as little as 0.0 pips, while non-CFD accounts have spread as little as 1.1 pips. These are also affected by the type of commodity that is exchanged. Usually, trading accounts have really no commissions, while Elite and Pro memberships have minor costs of two and a half euros per side for each deal. Spreads can sometimes be volatile and can spike beyond trading hours and on Saturdays and Sundays, but this is typical like any broker. 

The bank doesn’t charge fees for deposits or withdrawals, as well as costs for account dissolution or dormancy.


SB exclusively takes deposits made with AA-rated or higher banks, as well as Visa and Mastercard credit cards. Regarding deposits, there are zero transaction costs in any circumstance. Bank transfers might require up to three working days to transfer to the investor’s account, however, credit card payments are accessible instantly. Online payment processors such as Stripe and PayPal are not accepted by Swissquote. Customers may make deposits in the following currencies: GBP, EUR, USD, AUD, CHF, JPY, PLN, HUF, CZK.

Risk Management Instruments

The bank’s risk assessment isn’t as good as it may be, thanks to the absence of certain stops and SMS alerts. Swissquote additionally offers the Robo-Advisor platform as a risk-mitigation tool, although this is only valid for investors with sufficient knowledge to create viable plans.

Offering of Assets

Swissquote (the Swiss equivalent) is estimated to have almost three million assets fit for trading.

With little under a hundred currency pairings, over 20 commodity CFD pairs, nearly 24 index CFDs, as well as a few bond CFDs, the United Kingdom division that handles FX and financial assets have a significantly restricted portfolio of securities. Naturally, all of the vital currency pairs are accessible, as are important commodities like silver, oil, and gold.

Types of Orders

Market orders, limit orders, stop/loss orders, and trailing stop orders are the 4 kinds of orders available to investors. Guaranteed stop orders are really the sole thing that is missing. Prior to orders being filled, customers have the option to alter or withdraw them.

Training Materials

Swissquote Bank, just like every reputable broker, provides a variety of instructional tools to assist customers and non-customers in better understanding trading and improving their skill set. The Support Hub on the bank’s website is a perfect place to start, as it contains connections to instructional information regarding the platform and trades, as well as recordings of previous webinars.

The Learning Center contains videos, guidelines, and an e-book on FX trading and methods is a good starting point for new forex traders. Technical analyses, fundamental analyses, CFDs, and risk assessment are all addressed in separate parts. The training courses are only available in English, regardless of the fact that the SB site and services are multilingual.

Final Thoughts

All in all, Swissquote Bank has a strong track record and is highly reputable. It’s not only a publicly traded bank; it is indeed Swiss, and the Swiss are famous for their sound banks and safety. Aside from the Swiss head office, where the investors can trade almost everything, there is a branch that is based in London that offers CFD and FX trading.

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