Qinox Tech Review 2021

Qinox tech review 2021

A Brief Look on Qinox Tech

The company is a white-label producer that specializes in FX firms. It was founded in London and has made a reputation for itself by providing clients with unrivaled access to the currency market. The company has a variety of service types and packs available to help a business launch an FX broker enterprise or expand an existing one. Qinox Tech’s solutions are built on cutting-edge technology, ensuring that its customers receive the finest quality services. Additionally, when beginning a forex firm, the company’s team’s industry knowledge may aid in the growth of an already existing FX brokerage. Although it is a relatively new firm, the Qinox Tech team has substantial experience in the FX market, which they incorporate into the technological solution provided to help forex brokers in growing their clientele and profits. Given the fierce competition in the currency market, the service provided is both helpful and required.

Information About the Company

The company’s head office is located in London. Qinox Tech offers turnkey solutions and financial technologies to brokers and is a provider of white label solutions. They offer a wide range of services, including licensing, platform technology, marketing, and client assistance.

Licenses & Regulations

Qinox Tech does not provide financial services., hence it is exempt from the regulatory standards that come with it. They assist brokers and applicants in obtaining a financial services jurisdiction license. Brokers may choose the license they require for their firm without handling bureaucracies, and they can take advantage of beneficial licenses such as FSA, St Vincent, Labuan, and Mauritius.


Clients of Qinox Tech have access to a variety of account types that are tailored to their needs. The pricing plans for the account types vary, with the lesser-priced account types providing more simple services and the more costly account types providing further services. Prospective FX brokers can get an offshore license, a grey label MetaTrader 4 (MT4) and MetaTrader 5(MT5) platform, access to CFD/FX/stocks, and a few more basic services with the starter memberships. A VIP offshore license, white-label MT4/MT5, accessibility to cryptocurrencies along with other commodities, and progressive CRM instruments are all included in the highest-level membership.

Services for Clients

The company has concentrated on six major areas in order to help its clients function more efficiently. The very primal, and most crucial, is the ability to build the infrastructure required to run an FX brokerage. This is the cornerstone and the foundation of the service and the foundation of just about everything else.

The consulting service is the second important service that Qinox Tech provides. When customers first start, they are often unsure of what they require or which route to go on in an effort to progress. The advisors at Qinox Tech can provide assistance on every element of managing and expanding an FX brokerage, thanks to their years of experience in the field. The following items are included in this assistance:

  • financial guidance, 
  • financial technology, 
  • company supervision, 
  • lead spread
  • and other services are available.

Formulation of websites is their third service. A portal is a necessity for an online broker, and the experts at Qinox can create one that is tailored to persuade potential clients. It’s also well-branded, which will help with any advertising strategy.

The payment gateway is the fourth method available, and it enables a broker to provide a choice of payment methods to its customers. Such gateways come with all of the essential security measures, allowing a customer to feel secure about depositing funds with a broker.

Following that are the white label solutions that are provided for customers. Qinox Tech has built the essential contacts for providing these services to payment merchants, trading docks, and a comprehensive dealing desk.

Finally, the company can provide the broker with social trading and MAM/PAMM features, allowing them to manage customer funds and provide investment options.

Back Office&Traders Room

Qinox Tech’s Trader’s Room is a perfect solution that interfaces with payment services, trading networks, and customer relationship management to provide clients with all of the necessary tools. It’s a web-based service that connects traders and brokers, and since it’s web-based, clients may use it at any given time and from any location as long as they are connected to Wi-Fi. The Trader’s Room’s comprehensiveness aids in the development of trust among the client and the broker, whilst a simple interface also aids in customer loyalty.

The Back Office is a custom account management application designed specifically for FX traders. It enables quick processing of “know your customer” (KYC) procedures as well as the creation of a customer membership and trading platform. Through analysis and customer intelligence modules are also included.

The Back Office and Trader’s Room work together to give brokers and clients the best of both worlds.

Supported Platforms

For both MT4 and MT5, clients can use the desktop, online trader, mobile, and VPS options. Furthermore, both demo and actual accounts are available, enabling brokers to give prospective traders the opportunity to test the trading platform prior to making a deposit. For both MT4 and MT5, users can select between the grey label and white label solutions.

Customer Service

The company provides customer service 24 hours a day, seven days.

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