In Venezuela, which has the highest inflation in the world, it was decided to delete six zeros from its currency, the bolivar. The new 6-zero banknotes of the bolivar, which has become almost worthless due to the bad economic situation, started to be released yesterday. Until now, 1 million bolivars […]

Tether is a stable cryptocurrency backed by the US dollar at a ratio of 1:1. So 1 Tether is 1 US Dollar. This situation may come as a surprise when it is heard for the first time, but there are logical reasons for it to be 1 dollar. The name […]

What does Slippage Mean? Slippage is the price shift that occurs between the market order level and the price at which the order is executed when closing a trade opened in Forex. This price shift generally results to the detriment of investors. This is why there are situations of suffering. […]

What is the support resistance that we often encounter in technical analysis drawings? How to draw support resistance points? How to make support and resistance drawings, which is an important issue for all investors trading in the markets, in the most accurate way? This article has answers to all these […]

If you have any interest in the cryptocurrency market, there is no way that you have never heard about Dogecoin before. Launched in 2013, Dogecoin is the funniest and most phenomenal cryptocurrency in the market. With its mascot, a Shiba İnu dog, the coin has attracted lots of traders recently […]

It can be difficult for beginners to be successful in Forex. However, trading strategies and advice that have been repeatedly tested by expert traders will help streamline many processes. All inexperienced investors should be familiar with them. 1. Do not neglect training on the virtual account Opportunities will never disappear. […]

While the competition in the Forex market keeps increasing, many new financial actors are trying to define their presence in the industry. Especially in recent years, the battle between retail traders and institutional investors has become more apparent as the latter dominates the former in terms of trading volume, profitability, […]

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