What is a Forex Trader Program? Where to Download?

What is a Forex Trader Program? Where to Download?

In forex, which we can call both a new generation and a technological market, you carry out your transactions through a trader program. These programs work on the infrastructure that connects you to the market. As you know, the Forex market has a global structure and operates through trade centers located in important parts of the world. There is a relationship between these trade centers similar to the interbank system. In this way, the system is operated without interruption.

Trader programs are one of the best features of the forex market. Because you can do your investment transactions anywhere with an internet connection thanks to these programs. They give you all the information you need to create a position, make it easy for you to analyze, and simply place forex orders. At the same time, you can install it on your desktop and laptop computers, as well as on your tablets and smartphones. So you can easily take your forex portfolio wherever you go.

Now let’s take a look at what a forex trader program is, where to download and how to use them:

What is Forex Trader Program?

Forex trader program is a platform that allows you to connect to the market and perform your buy and sell transactions. Every forex trader trades on these platforms. We can say that a trader program is designed to make your investment transactions much easier. Because it has all the details necessary to create a position in the forex market. 

To start your investment process, you open the trader program and log in with your user information. When you open the platform, you will see a lot of information from your balance information to your portfolio. Then, if you want to create a position, you watch the investment instrument you are interested in, make analyze and then place your buy-sell order. Your position will be created with the order you give and it will take its place for you to follow in the section below. When you first look at the program, it may seem complicated. But if you examine it a little and take a look at the published videos about its use, you will see how simple it is in a short time.

What are Forex Trader Programs?

There are several different trader programs used in the Forex market. Programs; MetaTrader 4 and 5 are ranked as Sirix, cTrader, ZuluTrade, Mirror Trader. MetaTrader 4 is the most used among these trader programs. Almost all brokerage houses offer services through MetaTrader 4 and 5. But there are also programs integrated into many enhancements, such as Sirix.

Trader programs are easily installed on tablets, smartphones, desktops, and laptops. With the increase in the use of tablets and smartphones, applications for trader programs have begun to be made. You can download these trader programs free of charge from the app stores supported by your phone, and you start using them once they are installed. Moreover, if your computer is not with you, your tablet and smartphone do not have a charge, you can find a secure computer and make your forex transactions through a web browser. Thanks to this feature called WebTrader, you have the opportunity to do your forex transactions anywhere.

MetaTrader Trading Platform

MetaTrader; It has become the most used trading platform in the world thanks to its fast, functional, and user-friendly interfaces. Everyone, regardless of experience, can easily use the MetaTrader platform and make forex transactions in a simple way. The MetaTrader 4 trading platform is also compatible with automated buy and sell systems. It is also suitable for the use of Expert Advisor.

It is also easy to create or modify orders through the MetaTrader trading platform. It allows you to add stop loss/take profit orders after the position is created. Furthermore, it allows you to shape your order preferences with shortcuts. 

The MetaTrader platform has customizable interfaces. In other words, you can shape your MetaTrader platform according to your usage habits. Whether you change the colors or the background appearance; You can shape the platform how you want to see it.

Another reason why MetaTrader is the most preferred trader program in the world is that you can do technical analysis in detail and use the tool you want. There are many technical indicators in the Forex market that allow you to get your right signals. You can find all these indicators on MetaTrader. In addition, thanks to MetaTrader, which has improved drawing tools, you can apply technical analysis in exactly the way you want. You can easily learn how to do the analysis on the trader program with video explanations.

Every investor has a different analysis habit. MetaTrader, which can be arranged according to these habits, allows you to shape your price charts. At the same time, it allows you to save these graphics and reuse them in your future operations.

MetaTrader program has an advanced reporting feature. Thanks to this feature, you can review detailed reports of any period you want or the past transactions you have made. You can also print it and save it to open later in different applications. In the reports offered by MetaTrader, you can clearly see all the information you want in rows.

MetaTrader is also suitable for customers who have more than one account. You can access all your accounts through a single MetaTrader program and easily switch between accounts. It gives you the opportunity to quickly check your positions.

MetaTrader can also be used via web browser, tablet, Android, and iOS operating systems. MetaTrader 4 WebTrader allows you to make your investments through the web browser you use on your computer, without the need for any additional software. You should know that it serves features very close to the desktop version.

With MetaTrader Android and MetaTrader iOS versions, you can easily do your forex transactions on tablets and smartphones. Brokers have harmonized their trader programs for Android and iOS with the increasing use of mobile devices. They offered the opportunity to do all the transactions that you can do on the desktop version, also on mobile traders. Via mobile trading platforms; You can place your orders, check your portfolio, create new positions, analyze and use indicators.

Sirix Trader Trading Platform

Sirix Trader trading platform allows you to trade forex without any download and installation process. You can create positions wherever and whenever you want without downloading software. the Sirix platform; You can use it in 3 ways as WebTrader, TabletTrader, MobilTrader. Let’s examine these platforms one by one:

Sirix WebTrader: This platform, which can work in sync with the MetaTrader 4 trading platform, is a platform where you can manage your forex transactions without downloading and installing via your internet browser. Having an internet connection will be enough for you to carry out your transactions. You can make any forex transactions you want by logging into the system with your specific user information.

Sirix TabletTrader: We can’t live without mobile devices. Sirix TabletTrader, which allows you to trade forex on your tablets, works similarly to the webtrader platform. It is possible to use this platform from any device that supports HTML5. Again, you should know that it is equipped with features that allow you to make forex investments on your tablet without the need for any downloads.

Sirix MobilTrader: You can trade with Sirix MobilTrader without downloading an application from your smartphone. This platform, which operates through your phone’s browser, serves you wherever you have an internet connection. In addition, you can use Sirix MobilTrader on all devices with iOS and Android operating systems that offer HTML5 support.

cTrader Trading Platform

cTrader platform is an advanced program that allows you to trade in milliseconds. Its usage and interfaces are quite functional. It is very detailed and easy to use to create and modify your trading orders. You can easily access the detailed list of investment instruments. The prominent features of the cTrader platform are; useful investment tool list, depth information, detailed graphics, stop loss/take profit orders, one-click hedge, and reverse position transactions.

cTrader is an award-winning trading platform that offers professional investment features to investors with easy-to-use interfaces. Complex order systems are executed in a few steps with cTrader. You can check your positions with one click. As you know, it is very important to be fast in the forex market. Thanks to cTrader and your experience, you can easily achieve this. Entering the transaction size, buy and sell orders is sufficient for the position to be formed.

On the cTrader platform, you can easily place orders by drag and drop. It is also very easy to add stop loss/take profit orders to the open position. What you need to do; is to drag and drop your open position. With the drag operation, you can see the information about your target take profit point or accepted stop loss level. You will also see information about the monetary equivalent of orders, not just their pip levels.

Thanks to cTrader, which provides advanced profit and loss management, you do not have to enter a single take-profit/stop-loss order. You can place your orders gradually and take your position from different price ranges. It is enough to send to the system how many lots you want to trade or close at which price level. You can use a complex order system up to 4 levels.

Thanks to cTrader, you can also get depth information. Obtaining this knowledge with classical methods is not easy. You can easily access market depth information through the cTrader trading platform. Offering 3 different display options, the platform also gives you price and volume information in an understandable format.

Another good side of the cTrader trading platform is for those who love trading automation. cTrader; The programming infrastructure also has features that can be integrated to make fully automatic transactions in the market conditions you want. Thanks to its customizable charts, advanced time zone options, and multilingual interface, cTrader has become indispensable in the forex market.

In the cTrader trading platform, where it is possible to hedge and countertrade with one click, you can invest as you wish over your open position. It is enough to make a single click to make a counter-hedge on your position. The required amount of reverse transactions will be opened directly on the current price levels and your position will be hedged. If you want to close your trade and trade the same size in the opposite direction, you do not need to make many trades. With one click, your platform will close the trade and create a new trade in the opposite direction. cTrader will determine the lot and direction information by itself.

Finally, one of the best features of cTrader is that it is very easy to take screenshots. To take screenshots of price charts and share them; You select the photo button and your cursor turns into a camera. It will automatically recognize the price graph in the area where you move your mouse and determine its borders. Then with one click, it will convert the price chart to a jpg image. You can transfer this image to the folder you specify on your computer or upload it to your browser.

The cTrader trading platform also has versions for WebTrader and iOS and Android devices. With cTrader Web, you can perform your transactions easily and quickly via a web browser without any downloads. You can also download the cTrader platform from the relevant application stores to your mobile devices with iOS and Android operating systems.

ZuluTrade Trading Platform

 It is a trading platform that announces buy-sell signals, recommendations, and strategies to investors. ZuluTrade also audits these brokers. Another of its services is to guide professional brokers to investors who need it. It acts as a bridge between the investor and the broker (signal provider) that generates the signal. The first and only company serving in this field is the ZuluTrade platform.

ZuluTrade, which enables investors to trade better, provides services in 24 languages. On the left side of ZuluTrade’s website are the signal providers, which are expressed as ZuluRanking and are listed according to the success of the signals they broadcast. In this chapter; There are 3 categories: performance of 365 days, high-risk providers, worst providers. Thus, you can learn about the success of signal providers.

On the homepage of the ZuluTrade website is a gadget titled TradeWall. In this section, a live broadcast is made about the profit/loss status of signal producers. In addition, by switching to the “Signal Provider Performance” page specific to the signal provider; It is also possible to obtain information on subjects such as transaction history, open positions, live followers, profit, monthly profit and loss, transaction volume, investment instruments, pips.

Mirror Trader Trading Platform

Difference of Mirror Trader trading platform from others; It gives investors the opportunity to make strategic suggestions and follow-up suggestions. Thanks to this trading platform, investors can access information about successful strategies used in the forex market. In addition, according to their own wishes; They also have the opportunity to follow the strategies and place orders automatically, semi-automatically, and manually. The Mirror Trader trading platform also includes tools that enable detailed technical analysis.

The Mirror Trader platform also has interfaces that make it possible to place forward trading orders and set stop loss/take profit levels. The platform, which passes each strategy provider through a detailed approval process, eliminates the weak ones and adds only the successful ones to the system. It takes into account strategy providers that close 30 or more positions per month. It is not enough for a strategy provider to open and close a sufficient amount of positions to be included in the system. After this stage, 3 more factors are taken into consideration. The first of these is consistency. While testing each strategy, Mirror Trader also looks at how long it takes the provider to open and close trades. If he opens and closes a position every 2 seconds, he is eliminated. The second is profit. The average profit and loss ratio is calculated. Thus, strategy providers that bring losses are also disqualified. The third factor is the rules. In other words, the transactions made by the strategy provider depending on the system rules are monitored. E.g; Mirror Trader does not allow operations such as scalping.

After all these tests, Mirror Trader makes its decision by organizing an interview process if it sees fit to add a strategy provider to the system. The trading platform has smart filters and helps you find the right one among more than 300 strategies. You can make searches by examining many factors. You can also observe the T-Score of the strategies and learn about how they perform in instant market conditions. Thus, you can apply the best strategies for your forex transactions and get successful results.

Where to Download Forex Trader Programs?

Forex trader programs, as you can see, offer you many conveniences and advantages. These platforms are your hands and feet in the forex market. You can find information about their use on your broker’s website or video channels. At the same time, when you download these platforms, you can also have videos and e-books with information on how to use them. So, where to download forex trader programs?

You can find and download your trader program on your broker’s website in the safest way. In this way, you can get information about its installation and use. At the same time, you can be directed to the section where you can download the trader program by clicking the right buttons on the websites of many forex companies and where they have advertisements. You can find the programs that you can download to your smartphones and tablets for free in the relevant application stores. Usually, trader programs are a free service offered to investors. For this reason, you should not trust those who demand a remarkable fee. Especially in such cases, you can start your transactions without encountering any problems by staying in contact with your intermediary institution.

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