Tickmill Prime Review 2021

Tickmill Prime Review 2021

The Tickmill Group is a global financial services firm with its head office in London and a number of offices in different parts of the world. Tickmill Group, which was founded in 2014, has expanded to incorporate various retail broker activities and now continues to operate in over 200 nations worldwide. These multinational activities are mainly retail brokers that provide FX trading along with CFDs on stocks, indices, goods, services, and, more lately, Exchange-traded goods (presently provided by Tickmill UK Ltd).

Additionally to the retail brokerages, the company has a business-to-business division named Tickmill Prime. Tickmill Prime is a B2B company that provides buying, selling, and brokerage services, along with liquidity, to establishments like hedge funds and banks, plus various sizable professional traders.

Regulation of Tickmill Prime

When dealing with substantial sums of organizational and professional trading funds, it is even more essential that the broker or liquidity supplier is recognized to be regulated and supervised to guarantee a secure trading environment.

The company falls under the jurisdiction of the renowned UK FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) due to its location and it has been permitted and controlled by this organization.

The Clientele of Tickmill Prime

Tickmill Prime offers its solutions to a variety of institutional and sizable traders. Among its customers are the following:

Banks: The company can create personalized solutions for banks, giving them the ability to broaden their product portfolio, thanks to deep liquidity pools derived from pioneering tier-1 banks, non-banks, and ECNs.

Pro Traders: Tickmill Prime’s technological solutions and deep level of liquidity are indeed available to large-scale professional traders. This enables the traders to take advantage of organizational-level spreads, execution velocity, and commissions. Experienced traders can take their transactions to the next stage with Tickmill Prime. 

Hedge Funds and Asset Managers: Tickmill Prime ascribes some of its success to expert asset managers who have continuously discovered fresh sources of deep liquidity to aid their distinctive trading strategies. Tickmill Prime provides more than just basic liquidity; it also provides tech solutions, optimized execution, and access to markets. This enables them to provide personalized and customized solutions.

Brokers: Tickmill Prime provides liquidity to brokerage companies to make sure their customers have the most profitable trading experience possible. By using the Tickmill Prime liquidity, brokers are capable of providing an amazing range of assets, quick execution, and perfect pricing. Tickmill Prime, other than liquidity, provides complete service, tech, and monitoring instruments to make sure brokers can provide safe and efficient trading circumstances.

CFD and Forex Liquidity

Tickmill Prime aspires to provide constant deep liquidity, allowing its clients to have the best possible rates on all assets provided (Forex and CFDs on stocks, goods and services, and indices), regardless of current conditions of the market. They have indeed developed a global valuation technology solution, with cost and execution engines in London, New York, and Tokyo. Tickmill Prime users have access to this “cheap” pricing and deep liquidity via minimal connectivity solutions. The technological foundation that is used makes sure that purchases are all routed in quite a way that they are packed at the best possible prices.

This liquidity solution was created for organizations and large-scale traders. It gives you instant access to excellent trading circumstances for stocks, forex, goods, and services. Among these circumstances are challenging commissions as small as $5 for each million, quick executions, and extremely tight raw spreads on the assets provided. Users can also rest easy knowing that the company is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

Trading Technology

Tickmill Prime’s technological tools enable deep liquidity pools as well as elevated trading and execution. As they’re a top brokerage organization, their magnitude provides them with all of the materials needed to develop global trading technology and recruit the best people to make sure the technology is completely supported. Tickmill Prime’s tech specialists can generate a tailored solution for just about any customer. More than 89 tier-1 banks and market makers are currently connected by the latest technological solutions.

Tickmill Prime can handle just about every technology requirement, offering customers 24-hour assistance, top-quality communication, as well as the most developed execution and value agglomeration technology. Tickmill Prime is capable of offering the highest flexibility and scalability obtainable due to its efficient trading infrastructure, which includes minimal delay connecting New York, Tokyo, and London. Clients who work with Tickmill Prime can utilize the technological advantages that are listed below:

  • Connect using MT5 or MT4 bridges, FIX API, price feeders, and numerous plugins.
  • Complete pricing clarity, as well as simultaneous reporting and analysis
  • Liquidity, value streams, and markups are completely customizable.
  • Elevated order routing standards that are dynamic and intricate
  • You can have your website up and running in under48 hours 
  • 24-hour expert assistance

Turnkey Solution: MT4 White Label

Tickmill Prime furthermore provides a connection to their Meta Trader 4 white label solution to brokers as well as other financial firms. This solution enables these companies to start a fresh trading business or expand an already existing one by imbuing the MT4 user platform with the company’s specifics and branding. Tickmill Prime offers elite platform support, along with a unique MT4 manager program and a dependable and simple MAM tool.

To Sum Up

As a Financial Conduct Authority-regulated liquidity supplier and broker, the company’s customers realize their monies are protected, and they can rely on Tickmill Prime to produce reliable liquidity and also the finest pricing in the market for the goods they cover, even in a highly volatile market. Tickmill Prime guarantees excellent execution as well as better rates. Furthermore, the extensive experience and network enable personalized services at the best prices. Whether the service user is a bank, broker, hedge fund, pro trader, or another type of organizational client, they can indeed be confident that their fees will be minimal and that the liquidity offered will be accurate and stable. Tickmill assists its customers in increasing their attractiveness by providing innovative and dependable services.

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