GrapheneFx Review – Is It a Reliable Broker?


When choosing a broker, all traders must be diligent. Examining the broker’s evaluations and reviews, as well as doing research on the broker, is among the ways of being cautious. This is a thorough GrapheneFx review.

GrapheneFx Ltd. is based in the United Kingdom, although it has offices in Australia as well as the Balkans. It is considered a reliable and trusted broker by three important regulatory entities: the NFA, ASIC, and the FSA.

Authorization of GrapheneFx

The ASIC (Australian Securities and Investments Commission) regulates GrapheneFx. GrapheneFx needs the permission of the globe’s main financial regulatory bodies, so it can provide numerous advantages to both itself and its customers. The broker is also a member of the NFA (National Futures Association).

The NFA (National Futures Association), based in the United States, is one of the most renowned financial organizations, making sure that the entirety of its members adheres to regulatory standards.

Furthermore, the FSA (Financial Services Authority) of St. Vincent and the Grenadines regulates GrapheneFx as a Global Forex Broker. The FSA (Financial Services Authority) was founded to act as a regulatory entity to oversee specific financial organizations, including financial services companies, as well as to deliver regulated topics.

GrapheneFx’s Accomplishments

When traders are evaluating a broker, among the first areas they check, are the firm’s awards and accomplishments. When evaluating GrapheneFx in this aspect, we can see that it has won numerous significant awards from a variety of organizations.

It has won two awards from the International Forex Awards, a prestigious organization that evaluates all Forex brokers based on a set of criteria and picks the best. GrapheneFx received Best Forex Trading Support and Best Forex Customer Service Awards from the International Forex Awards in 2019 and 2021, respectively. In 2018, GrapheneFx was also given the Fastest Growing Forex Broker award by World FX Award, a reputable institution in the Forex awards field. Finally, the company was chosen as Asia’s Most Trusted Forex Broker by Global Fintech Awards. Global Fintech Awards is one of the organizations that examine all global and local brokers with their own professionals and recognizes the best.

Accounts Available on GrapheneFx

For Forex trading, the company offers four different account types. These accounts are different from each other in terms of features and prices, but they are all suited for a wide range of users.

The Standard is the basic account. When we look at pricing and functionality, this type of account seems fair. A deposit of at least $100 is needed. Since there’s a  high amount of competition, pip values on sale start at 0.4 and can be reduced significantly. Also, there is a $6 fee for every lot.

Another option is the Prime Account. This account is for individuals who would like to perhaps make more money than the standard one. The minimum payment is approximately 1500 USD or the corresponding amount in another currency. When contrasted with the standard account, the pip value is higher, ranging from 0.1 to 0.4. The fee that comes with every lot is fixed at 4 USD.

The third account type is G-Plus. Because G-Plus has a lower commission rate than Prime, some traders favor it. A minimum deposit of 3000 USD (or the corresponding amount in a different currency) is required to open an account. The pip values, which range from 0.1 to 0.3, are close to those of the Prime Account. With every lot, there’s a 2 USD commission.

The final account type is the ECN Account. This account type is often offered by trustworthy and reliable FX brokers. ECN Account requires a minimum deposit of $10,000 USD. There aren’t any commission fees on any of the lots that users have to worry about.


When users are trading, GrapheneFx does not charge any extra costs. Traders may sit and relax and feel safe in the knowledge that all of their investments are protected and secured, with no extra charges involved. There aren’t any withdrawal costs to be concerned with, and no inactivity fees also. This allows the user more freedom, and also the assurance that they won’t have to pay anything else to keep their account active and trade.


Users can begin trading on the traditional MT4 (MetaTrader 4) and MT5 (MetaTrader 5) platforms right away. For traders that want specific pre-requisite features, the broker’s WebTrader is another choice.

The Web Trader is the ideal platform because the existing MT is slow and misses some features, like larger-scale personalizations. GrapheneFx provides a diverse selection of trading options, along with 40 charting tools, market trends, and news updates. Users can customize their notifications to almost anything, like small market swings on a specific watchlist, large changes in the live stream, and the availability of several currencies and indexes. The notification tool is without a doubt the best in the industry.

Every one of the basic trading tools, as well as a live market feed, watchlists, and alerts, are included in the MT platform, which is accessible in MetaTrader4 and MetaTrader5 editions. For those that like classic trading methods, the MetaTrader platform is ideal. Because it does not have its own trading platform, GrapheneFx lags behind several other brokerage firms in the industry, and it needs improvement in order to stay current.


Anyone can use the educational materials offered by the broker. These materials consist of Forex video lessons, YouTube videos, Zoom Forex, and exclusive courses. Users can access all of this information based on their trading experience and the account they’ve set up.

GrapheneFx does not only help clients open accounts, but it also provides assistance on a variety of topics.

The customer is treated as if they were a close friend, and the broker goes to great lengths to ensure that the clients’ investments are protected and that they have access to the best offers accessible during trading sessions. They emphasize their commitment to providing consumers with the best environment in which to continue to improve as traders by highlighting trading ideas, fundamental understanding of trading and agreements, spreads, and how leverage may be beneficial both in the short and long term.


One of the primary features that set GrapheneFx apart from other brokers is its desire to work with a range of foundations. GrapheneFx’s motto, “Future, Together,” emphasizes the need of working together to shape our future.

The broker’s subsidiary company is Grown. Grown is collaborating with GrapheneFx and several major foundations to assist them and develop partnerships. Develop Africa, Ripple Africa, Microloan Foundation, and Charity Water are a few of these foundations. Although they have different goals, these foundations share a common goal of improving the world in terms of economic growth, gender equality, sustainability, safe drinking water & sanitation.

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Caroline Tetra

3 thoughts on “GrapheneFx Review – Is It a Reliable Broker?

  1. I have been trading at GrapheneFx for over 2 years and they have helped me in many ways, especially the local deposit options that are not available in other brokers in Pakistan are great and I can deposit and withdraw within 15 minutes. Great Experience!!

  2. GrapheneFx is a great broker because they work hard on gaining their customers’ trust. you don’t get to see brokers with so many local deposit options, but GrapheneFx does, and it’s really a winning feature.

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