How to Copy Forex Signals? How to Invest?

How to Copy Forex Signals? How to Invest?

In this article, the topic will be about signal duplication systems, signals working structures, how investors can invest money in these systems, and how investors can make a profit.

What is Forex Signal Copying?

Two different structures are required for the basic functioning of the system;

Traders who provide signal-sharing services: These are people who have high success in their transactions. They need to gather investors in order to increase their success and make more profit. At this point, companies and platforms that offer signal-sharing services mediate this service.

Investors: These are people who cannot achieve much success in transactions but have capital power. By copying the signals of successful traders, traders get more successful ones while also increasing their earning power.

Systems that bring the above two groups together at a common point and enable easy interaction with each other are called signal duplication systems.

The best software in signal copying and tracking services is currently the RAMM platform. This platform offers the most successful signal tracking and copying service in the world with its speed, flexibility, and ease of use.

The power of the RAMM system alone is not enough. Factors such as the technical infrastructure of the company providing this service, customer relations management, and the product it offers, and payment methods are important when considered as a whole.

To explain the system with an example; Let’s imagine a trader sharing the transactions he made on his own platform in the RAMM system. The detailed breakdown, result table, and success rates of this trader’s transactions in the last month are instantly transferred to the RAMM system.

Investors who search in the strategies section of the RAMM platform see the trading history and success rate of this successful trader. At this point, they use the option to subscribe to the strategy and instantly withdraw their next transactions to their own accounts according to the capital ratio they have set.

So how does the profit logic work here? The main structure of the boiler logic is as follows. The trader achieves success with his transactions, and when investors who follow their own strategy make a profit on these transactions, they transfer a certain percentage of the profit to the trader’s account via RAMM, in a way that they will be agreed beforehand.

In the RAMM system, the platform automatically calculates profit calculations and profit-sharing. Although their profit sharing is at a certain rate such as 20-30%, it can also be adjusted over a fixed number. The investor, who will subscribe to trader transactions, sees the profit-sharing rates in advance and can start following the signals if they accept it.

As a result of the signals, if there is no profit in the investor account within that period, no transfer will be made to the trader account. When new profits are made net, profit transfers are made from the investor account to the trader account.

How to Invest in Signal Copying Service?

So, what is required to subscribe and invest in the signal copying service, and what are the ways to follow?

First of all, investors need to open a real investment account at a forex company, which offers the RAMM system service and serves as a partner to both groups.

After the real account opening process is completed, investors will be able to see the transactions and strategies made by the traders by visiting the RAMM signal copy section in the customer management panel. In order to follow these strategies, investors must first fund their investment account.

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