How Are Stock Prices Calculated?

How Are Stock Prices Calculated?

If people are planning to invest with stocks to evaluate their savings, it will be more beneficial for them to know some issues and details first in terms of income. Otherwise, they may experience serious losses instead of making a return with their savings. At the beginning of what investors need to know; What is a stock, how to calculate stock prices, what are its features, what should be considered when investing.

How Does the Share Price Change in the Stock Exchange?

One of the most important issues to know as an investor is; share valuation. Because the probability of determining a price above or below the real value of the stocks is very high. With this evaluation, investors can experience an increase in their investments by controlling the prices of the stocks. Unrealistic prices may be inflated prices, or they may be due to mistakes made by the company in its balance sheets. Thus, people can experience serious losses without expecting an increase in income.

Traders can invest through Forex or the stock market, but it is important to do some analysis before investing, in terms of generating income and determining how stock prices are calculated. It is possible to gather the analyzes people need to do under 5 headings in general. Factors to be considered in stock valuation:

  • Market analysis: At the time of investment, traders should pay attention to the fact that the market is giving positive signals in general. They need to know the market they are going to invest well and act according to the signals received.
  • Economic and social conditions: Thanks to investment instruments, investors have the chance to invest not only in domestic but also in foreign securities. However, before doing this, the financial structure of the stock they will invest in should be examined, the economic, political, and social conditions of that country should be analyzed correctly, and they should invest by predicting in which direction the markets will change according to these conditions.
  • Sector comparison: Thanks to the sector analysis, traders can determine which sector they will invest in, and they can make more accurate decisions by examining the profit rates of the companies in the same sector.
  • Total share amount: Although everyone’s aim is to make a profit while investing, the amount seen as profit is different for everyone. Therefore, the total share amount is important in determining the investment amount along with the risks.
  • Fundamental and technical analysis: In fundamental analysis, the sector and the market should be examined. In technical analysis, dealing with prices, transactions should be carried out at levels suitable for the maturity range.

How is the Share Price Formed?

After the above-mentioned analyzes are made in determining the value of the stock, other variables should also be taken into account while determining the value. To answer the question of how stock prices are calculated, it is necessary to have 8 different calculation methods and sufficient knowledge about them. These calculation methods; stock market value, book value, market value, real value, nominal value, market-book value, net asset value, price/profit value, and stock selection should be made as a result of all researches.

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