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When is the XRP Lawsuit? New date announcement for XRP Lawsuit

New developments continue to emerge for the questions of when to see the Ripple lawsuit. James K. Filan, who was Ripple’s lawyer, announced new details about the XRP lawsuit. Filan shared a copy of the letter sent by the SEC via social media. According to the statements, the opening defences will be given on April 12, and the detailed explanation of the SEC will be given on May 14. The defence will then have until June 4th to respond to SEC files.

Ripple was trading at $ 0.25 on January 28, 2021. Ripple rose to the level of $ 0.58 on February 23, when the lawsuit was taken. Thus, over 130 per cent premium was experienced in about a month. With the development of the XRP lawsuit, the loss in money was 7 per cent on 23 February. Cryptocurrency exchanges suspended Ripple transactions after being sued by the SEC. Organizations such as Coinbase and OKCoin have stopped trading Ripple. After the trial, the expectation for reopening is dominant.

Rising Popularity of Ethereum Among Institutional Investors

Ethereum is currently the second-largest cryptocurrency in the market and drawing a lot of attention in the last few days. ETH-based investment options have welcomed $113 million to the market last week, which represents nearly 50% of the total cryptocurrency inflows. 

This rise of cryptocurrency can be traced back to the start of 2021. In the first quarter of the year, all cryptocurrencies attracted $4.2 billion inflows in total which is the highest level on record. The main reason for that rise is the increasing interest of institutional investors. As Ethereum has been recently upgraded as Ethereum 2.0 and stated that they will work more on the ecological side of the technology, institutional investors have realized that it may be a good option to long ETH in large amounts.  

REST OF THE STORY: Rising Popularity of Ethereum Among Institutional Investors

Altcoins: The Unignorable Heirs To The Throne

As the most revolutionary and oldest cryptocurrency, Bitcoin continues to dominate the crypto market and positions itself in the first place among the others. However, the picture starts to change with the introduction of alternative coins. Out of the mainstream focus, there are some altcoins that are newer, more volatile, and smaller by market cap. What these altcoins offer is higher possible returns and diversity in your investment portfolio. They are an alternative not only to traditional cryptocurrencies but also commodities and stocks. Their DeFi protocols and space for decentralized application keep welcoming developers and traders all around the world. Here, you can find 5 altcoins you may overlook. 

REST OF THE STORY: Altcoins: The Unignorable Heirs To The Throne

PayPal Owns Crypto Security Firm Curv

The leading online payments system operator PayPal has been increasingly interested in cryptocurrencies. The company recently announced that it has acquired the Israeli-based crypto security startup Curv providing digital asset security infrastructure. Details of the deal have yet to be disclosed, but the purchase is thought to be between $ 200 and $ 300 million. PayPal, an online payment system headquartered in the US, announced that it has owned the Tel Aviv-based cryptocurrency startup Curv. Curv is known as a cryptocurrency security company that helps securely store crypto assets. The company operates a cloud-based service that allows users to access crypto wallets without any hardware.

REST OF THE STORY: PayPal Owns Crypto Security Firm Curv

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