What is SafeMoon Coin? Where to Buy It?

What Is Safemoon Coin ?

Safemoon, which rose suddenly recently and surprised even its investors, is currently among the most talked about topics on social media. People started to ask about this digital asset, they 1qbegan to search for answers to questions such as: What is SafeMoon coin? How to buy it? Here are the unknowns and details about the Safemoon.

What is SafeMoon Coin?

SafeMoon coin is a newly released cryptocurrency. Safemoon just started trading on March 8, 2021, and took off in a short time. SafeMoon’s CEO is identified as John Karony. The SafeMoon Protocol is a community-focused fairly launched DeFi Token that pays its investors. Safemoon draws attention to the problem of tokens, which became attractive with high APY rates on DEfi exchanges and lost excessive value after the price increased too much, creating selling pressure. This digital asset managed to attract the attention of investors with its rapid increase in value in a very short time.

Where and How to Buy It?

The question of where and how to buy SafeMoon Coin started to be asked by many citizens after the rapid rise. People want to use it as an investment. So how do you get Safemoon coins? It is currently available on PancakeSwap, Bitmart, and two others. You can use cryptocurrency exchanges to buy this crypto coin. However, it is recommended that you trade with a cryptocurrency exchange that you trust.

Which exchanges is SafeMoon coin traded on?

  • PancakeSwap: SAFEMOON/WBNB
  • PancakeSwap: SAFEMOON/BUSD

It is Comparing to Dogecoin

Dogecoin has been engraved in the memory of cryptocurrency investors with a rapid rise. The dogecoin, which came out as a joke coin, showed the whole world that it was not a joke. They liken the Safemoon coin to Dogecoin. With its recent surge in value and an extremely low entry price, it is compared by some to the crypto’s rising asset Dogecoin, which although jokingly founded in 2013, saw its value rocket in 2021 partly behind high-profile people like Tesla Inc’s CEO Elon Musk. Like Dogecoin, it will be clear in the future whether the Safemoon coin will be on the rise for a long time.

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