US Senator Talked About Crypto and Ransomware

us senator crypto and ransomware debate

The cyber-attack of Colonial Pipeline, one of the largest oil pipelines in the USA, and the stopping of the fuel system in May caused a major crisis in the USA. In addition, the fact that Russian cyber-attackers were paid a ransom in crypto for the system to work again has led to an intense discussion of cryptocurrencies and ransomware attacks.

Two senators, who participated in the famous “Meet the Press” program of the US news channel NBC, also made statements on the subject.

“This debate about crypto and ransomware is just starting.”

Democratic Party Senator Mark Warner, who participated in the program, stated that the discussions about cryptocurrencies and ransomware attacks have only just begun. Warner also spoke about the article “Ban cryptocurrencies to prevent kidnappers” in the Wall Street Journal:

“We’ve gotten better on bipartisan legislation last year, but this debate about crypto and ransomware is just starting. There are also good projects coming out of cryptocurrencies, but this ransom issue is the dark side. If companies with money pay the ransom in these attacks and there is no transparency in that payment, the bad guys will always find another way to hide transactions. Companies that pay ransomware don’t even have to give details about the payment to the government. There should be absolute transparency; these laws should be enacted.”

“Regulations must come….”

Republican Senator Roy Blunt stated that it is not mandatory to keep transactions in cryptocurrencies and said:

“There is no penalty in these matters. There are no sanctions against the country where the aggressors are located. We cannot even guarantee our own system. There is no law against how to track cryptocurrencies. Not in the world. There should definitely be regulations in this regard.”

First the oil line, then the meat supplier.

In May, Colonial Pipeline, one of the country’s largest oil pipelines, was hacked, and nearly $4.5 million was paid in crypto to ransom demanders. Last week, JBS, one of the largest meat suppliers in the US, suffered a similar attack.

On the other hand, the belief that Russia and Vladimir Putin were behind the attacks began to prevail in the USA. It is also claimed that hackers reside in Russia.

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