Miners exiting China placed their devices, BTC hash rate improved.

Miners exiting China placed their devices, BT hash rate improved.

After about 2 months, after the ban operation initiated by the Chinese state against miners and cryptocurrency mining, improvements in hash rates began to be seen as companies moved their devices out of the country. BIT Mining has announced that it has placed some of its Bitcoin and Ethereum mining devices outside of China, and some are on the way.

Cryptocurrency mining, especially Bitcoin and Ethereum, has slowly started to regain its old performance. After the massive ban step in China, many large and small companies had to either shut down or move their devices to the most suitable countries, albeit costly.

Managed to hold at 100 exahash level.

According to the news in The Block; The 7-day moving average of the hash rate in Bitcoin has started to climb up, slowly. “Hash rate” has managed to hold at 100 exahash per second (EH/s) in the past 3 weeks. In the first stage of the bans in China, the hash rate had dropped to 90 EH/s. This figure has never been seen recently, except in the first months of 2020.

A rise is expected for the first time after 4 consecutive declines.

With these recent spikes, Bitcoin‘s difficulty adjustment is also expected to increase by as much as 4 percent in the next measurement period. The mining difficulty level had dropped 4 times in a row since mid-May.

Ethereum mining is also affected.

Although China says that the mining bans are related to Bitcoin, this trend has also seriously affected the mining of the second-largest cryptocurrency, Ethereum. The closure of many mining farms with ASIC machines and graphics cards securing the Ethereum network also caused miners to be unable to do business and sell their devices on the second-hand market.

After the ban and shut down operations, the Ethereum hash rate also took a hit by 20 percent, but here, too, the rates rose above 500 terahashes per second and recovered again.

Have the miners completed their institutions?

The gradual increase in hash rates may be an indication that miners leaving China have completed their machine setup and started mining again. As an example, Shenzhen-based BIT Mining had more than 50,000 Bitcoin ASIC devices in Xinjiang and Qinghai. The firm also had 2 mining facilities in the Sichuan region.

After the bans, BIT Mining announced that 3,000 of its devices will be located in Kazakhstan by July. In its announcement yesterday, the company stated that 3819 Bitcoin mining equipment, generating a total power of 172 petahash per second, has been placed in facilities in this country. The company also announced that the 4033 device was on its way to be placed in facilities in Kazakhstan. In the information given at the beginning of the week, BIT Mining announced that it has completely quit the gambling business and will now focus on Bitcoin mining.

Ordered 2,000 Ethereum devices

The mining company also moved Ethereum mining devices out of China and started operating some of them. In February, the Chinese company placed an order for 2,000 Ethereum devices with a total value of $30 million, which will be delivered this year.

On the other hand, BIT Digital, which is listed on the US stock market and known to have mining operations in China, continues to transport more than 14,500 Bitcoin mining devices to the USA.

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