Dogecoin News: Will Elon Musk Seriously Send A Dogecoin To The Moon?

Dogecoin news is all over the Internet and the parody cryptocurrency still goes strong with the help of popular celebrities. We have witnessed the support from different names including Netflix’s “Tiger King” star Carole Baskin, Kiss co-lead singer Gene Simmons, the famous rapper Snoop Dogg and so on. However, the first name coming to mind while mentioning Dogecoin is Elon Musk. We do not know whether Elon Musk loves Shibari Inu dogs or not, but he is a huge fan of the coin and has recently made another controversial announcement that boosted Dogecoin. 

According to a recent Dogecoin news, Elon Musk told that he was planning to send a Dogecoin to the “literal moon,” which means he will fly to the moon with one of his SpaceX rockets and leave a Dogecoin on the moon while watching it flow in outer space. The funny thing was he tweeted this on April Fool’s Day and it would have been considered as a joke but it did not. The Dogecoin price has risen by nearly 35% after the tweet which was followed by a strong decline on April 2.

This incident makes it clear that the social background of Dogecoin is undeniable and it becomes stronger and stronger with every Dogecoin news we hear. Obviously, people like the myth and the idea behind this meme-based cryptocurrency, which shows the effects of social media platforms and communication on financial markets. 

All Jokes Aside, Is This Possible?

The answer is a hard “yes.” Dogecoin is a digital currency and does not have any physical existence; however, every coin is represented in binary numbers and code. What Elon Musk should do first is to have a Dogecoin first — he obviously did that part.  Then, he can print it out on a paper wallet and fly this paper to the moon to leave it there. The hardest part of it is he loves Dogecoin so much that he cannot leave any single Dogecoin easily. Elon Musk said himself that he is still getting surprised by how people take him too seriously: “I make jokes about Dogecoin, but they are really meant to be jokes.”


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