Binance CEO ‘s Comments on Current Cryptocurrency Regulations

Binance ceo

Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao stated in his recent statements that no one can terminate Bitcoin (BTC).

Chinese Changpeng Zhao, owner of Binance, the world’s most used crypto money exchange, made important statements about Bitcoin and blockchain technology. Explaining that no power can put an end to the Bitcoin project, Zhao said,

I don’t think anyone can stop it now, given that this technology, this concept, is in the minds of 500 million people. I think no one has the opportunity to end it.

The Message of Corporation

Zhao, Binance CEO of the corporation, addressed countries that have imposed bans on cryptocurrencies and mining, saying that governments and regulators should not view and adopt blockchain technology as a threat.

Zhao said that cryptocurrencies allow freedom to move money globally and commented,

I don’t see them as competition with regulators… and there is a way for us to work together.

Zhao emphasized in his statement that Binance has no intention of fighting against any government, adding that doubts about Binance’s way of working are likely due to a lack of regulatory clarity.

Zhao added:

We are not going against governments. There are times when the regulators or the rules are not very clear. They are still being established in most parts of the world, so there are gray areas. But [we’ve] you just have to experiment and work together and understand that.

Binance, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, previously released a statement on its Twitter account after the platform was under scrutiny by the US Department of Justice and Internal Revenue Service. After this Binance news broke out, the Bitcoin price dropped one more sharply.
After these developments, they explained that they have taken into account and comply with legal obligations, and have worked hard to prevent incidents such as money laundering etc.

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