500 Bitcoins Seized in the Operation in the USA are Sold!

500 Bitcoins Seized in The Operation in the USA are Sold!

It was announced that a person caught in a money laundering and fake identity operation in the USA in 2018 received more than 500 Bitcoins as payments from his customers. And these Bitcoins were sold for $19.2 million. The value of Bitcoins at the time of seizure was $2.8 million.
Revenue of $19.2 million was obtained from the sale of Bitcoin in Ohio, USA. It was stated that this figure is the highest amount ever seized from a criminal in the state.

Received Bitcoin payment for fake ID

Ohio police became aware of the fake IDs in 2015. Following the IDs found on the road, the security forces reached some conclusions and Mark Simon’s name months later. The police, who also followed Simon for a long time, found that he produced fake ID, driver’s license, and some Ohio, Michigan, and Utah documents. In return for these works, Simon was receiving Bitcoin as payment from his customers.

More than 500 BTC seized in-home operation.

The security forces reached the name of Simon on the same issue in 2008, but no evidence could be obtained to make any accusations against him. After months or even years of work, the cops had enough information to prove that the false identities were linked to Simon and his co-workers and then launched an operation. Along with Simon’s house, other houses were raided, with many fake identities and documents. A total of more than 500 Bitcoins were seized.

The total value at that time was $2.8 million.

According to the indictment, on February 23, 2018, when the BTCs were acquired, the total value was $5.1 million. In fact, according to the prosecutor, the value dropped to $2.8 million due to the declines at that time. Simon was found in court in 2019 guilty of money laundering and fabricating false identity cards. He was sentenced to 2 years in prison.

As part of the lawsuit, the seized Bitcoins were sold. District Attorney Bridget Brennan said the total amounted to $19.2 million.

In the US, assets seized for such crimes are split between local police departments and government agencies contributing to the operation. A certain amount is given to the victims of crime or their relatives. After all, the remaining amount is transferred to the state treasury.

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