Gold, which comes from the Latin word Aurum, is among the most precious metals in the world with its stainless and machinable features. It is also an important economic asset because of its high cost. So much so that in history, countries have shown their economic power by printing money […]

Swap appears in various forms in financial markets. In Forex, on the other hand, the overnight cost of carry is reflected in the investors’ account as positive or negative according to the interest difference between the currency pair in the parity you are trading. This cost sometimes reflects negatively on […]

PAMM account is generally a forex account managed by a professional investor and can be invested by many investors. It is also referred to as the percentage allocation management module. In addition to investors, it also provides earnings to managers and partners. With this aspect, PAMM can be defined as […]

One of the most frequently asked questions by investors in the Forex market is the profit of intermediary institutions, Forex brokers. This market is an area where competition is very high. There are many Forex brokers, and each one offers different advantages, spreads, and campaigns. It is important to know […]

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