PAMM account is generally a forex account managed by a professional investor and can be invested by many investors. It is also referred to as the percentage allocation management module. In addition to investors, it also provides earnings to managers and partners. With this aspect, PAMM can be defined as […]

One of the most frequently asked questions by investors in the Forex market is the profit of intermediary institutions, Forex brokers. This market is an area where competition is very high. There are many Forex brokers, and each one offers different advantages, spreads, and campaigns. It is important to know […]

Online trial accounts that allow investors to know both the forex market and the forex company with free virtual money are called forex demo accounts. Thanks to the Forex demo account, investor candidates gain experience in this market by trading in foreign exchange, commodities, stocks, and indices. Investor candidates can […]

What is a bear market? Financial markets are divided into two general trends, bearish and bull. A trend in which assets are declining for a long time is called a bear market. On the contrary, markets where there is a continuous upward trend are also called bull markets. A bear […]

Transactions in the Forex market are two-way. It is possible to describe these operations as rising values ​​and falling values ​​and to express them simply. When a bull market comes to the fore, an event or an environment arises that the market will be in an uptrend. In other words, […]

An Islamic Forex account serves within certain rules. One of these rules is there is no interest. Apart from the interest system, Forex markets are managed and investments are shaped. With this fact, when looking at forex brokerage firms and others, you will see that an expression in the form […]

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