What Is It? Bar charts are made up of numerous price bars, each of which depicts how the price of a security or asset changed over time. Each bar usually displays the open, top, bottom, and final prices, but this may be changed to demonstrate simply the top, bottom, and […]

Rollover refers to one of the technical terms used in Forex trading. If you want to trade and invest in the Forex market, you need to know about all the technical terms. The conscious investment will bring you the chance to earn money. You may face the risk of losing […]

What does Slippage Mean? Slippage is the price shift that occurs between the market order level and the price at which the order is executed when closing a trade opened in Forex. This price shift generally results to the detriment of investors. This is why there are situations of suffering. […]

What is the support resistance that we often encounter in technical analysis drawings? How to draw support resistance points? How to make support and resistance drawings, which is an important issue for all investors trading in the markets, in the most accurate way? This article has answers to all these […]

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