Pullback Definition The term pullback means there is a halt or a downturn in the general trend of an instrument. The terms ‘retracement’ and ‘consolidation’ are occasionally used alternately. But, a  pullback mustn’t be confused with a reversal, which would be a more long-term movement against the current trend. Understanding Pullbacks Following a major […]

In finance, a BPS (basis point) is the smallest measuring unit. Basis points are used by accountants, bankers, as well as other financial experts to talk about sums that are less than 1%. One BPS (basis point & pronounced as “beep”) is the same as 1/100 of 1%, or 0.01%. As a result, […]

A day trader is somebody that trades stock holdings on a frequent basis throughout the same trade day in the hopes of making a little profit by trading every asset for somewhat more than they purchased. It’s also referred to as intraday trading or pattern day trading if sustained over […]

What Is It? The term barrier option indicates a type of derivative that pays out if the underlying asset reaches or exceeds a particular price level. This might also be a  knock-out, meaning that if the underlying price increases over a certain point, the owners’ income is restricted, and also […]

In this text; We searched for the answers to the question of why the forex market is needed. We shared information on many subjects, from trading conditions to advantages and disadvantages. While surfing the internet, you can see many news and advertisements about forex. Especially if you are one of […]

Securities can be quickly transformed into a liquid market with little price volatility and a minimum loss in value. A liquid market is one with a significant degree of stability and small margins between the asking & selling prices. A liquid market has an elevated trading volume since so many […]

OTC Trading Traders who are looking to buy a significant quantity of cryptocurrencies know that purchasing coins or tokens on a regular platform comes with several downsides. Slippage may significantly raise the cost of a transaction, and they will also have to worry about getting hacked and fraud that is associated with trading on a traditional exchange. […]

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