The “Fractional NFT” study of the dog named Shiba Inu, representing Dogecoin NFT, saw a value of 110 million dollars. F-NFT, which is known as the new trend of NFT technology, is followed with interest by the crypto ecosystem. NFT, which reached this value for a short time, does not […]

Payment and infrastructure provider Simplex, which allows the purchase of many cryptocurrencies with credit or debit cards, has recently added the supply chain cryptocurrency Vechain (VET) to its platform. VET can now be purchased directly through Simplex’s affiliate network of leading exchange and wallet companies. Vechain (VET) is the latest […]

Stable cryptocurrencies The prices of cryptocurrencies can jump as big as 10% daily, to prevent this volatility, stable cryptocurrencies based on nominal assets have emerged. Stable cryptocurrencies provide a volatility-free cryptocurrency, making DeFi protocols and DAPPs more accessible. Decentralized borrowing and lending No matter how good people’s financial situation is […]

The highly anticipated update on Ethereum and the Ethereum network took place in London. The London hard fork, which Ethereum investors, enthusiasts, and followers, in general, the community, was eagerly awaiting, also included an EIP (Ethereum Improvement Proposals), which was opposed by the network’s major miners. Here are the innovations […]

Japan-based cryptocurrency exchange Bitpoint has announced that it will list Cardano. Experts state that this move for Japan is as important as listing a cryptocurrency on the Coinbase exchange. Japanese cryptocurrency exchange Bitpoint has announced that it will list ADA towards the end of August. Sebastien Guillemot, the co-founder of […]

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