With the popularity of cryptocurrencies, the interest in exchanges and trading tools has increased considerably. Parallel to this, trading strategies made through bots added to stock markets continue to be developed day by day. Software algorithms develop buy-sell strategies for humans. VRM company is one of these companies. Thanks to […]

The question of what is Algorand can be explained as a decentralized network created to solve access to decentralization, security, and speed. The computer scientist and MIT professor Silvio Micali launched it in June 2019. Algorand features an open-source and permissionless blockchain network that any person can build on. The […]

ALGO, the cryptocurrency of the Algorand blockchain, continues to rise despite the sharp decline in the market. Algorand blockchain is one of the first layer blockchain solutions and rivals protocols such as Solana, Avalanche, and Terra. Algorand, which recently made a deal for El Salvador’s blockchain infrastructure, has reached its […]


Another week has ended in the cryptocurrency market. While Bitcoin has seen over $51 thousand in the seven days we have left behind, some altcoins have reached new peaks in the top 100 according to market value. Cardano (ADA) rose to $3.10 on Thursday with the effect of the Alonzo […]

With the increasing demand for the NFT market, the pricing of unique digital assets is also very high. Aside from avatars and collectibles, many NFT-based digital assets are gaining popularity. For example, images of rock in different colors are selling for millions of dollars. The NFT collection EtherRocks, which is […]

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