Explaining Binance Offering over 220 cryptocurrencies, Binance is among the most macroscopical cryptocurrency exchanges in existence. Close to 80% of all cryptocurrency volume passes through the platform. With its launchpad, secure wallet, and software, Binance encourages fresh investors who are looking for more success in the crypto world and reassures […]

In Shiba Inu (SHIB), which retreated with the general decline in the market in November but started an upward movement as of yesterday morning, a part of the investors has made profits… The phenomenon token is the second-largest and second largest in the USA after Coinbase. It was also listed […]

DeFi, that is, decentralized finance, has some fundamental differences compared to classical finance. The reason for these differences comes from the philosophies of the actors who founded it and the search for solutions to the problems of classical finance. We will look at these features in turn. Open-source Perhaps one […]

Addresses holding SHIB exceed 1M despite the price drop. The increase in the number of addresses holding the phenomenon cryptocurrency Shiba Inu, which entered into a tremendous upward movement from September to the end of October and reached the highest level in its history in this period, draws attention despite […]


Taxation studies for earnings from cryptocurrencies or crypto money transactions continue all over the world. Some countries have clarified the tax regime related to the sector. The South American country Argentina is one of them. With the decision published in the Official Gazette in Argentina, a tax of 0.6% will […]

Like many projects, Monero has an open-source blockchain network that can be mined. With this feature, it offers equal opportunity to all participants. Users do not need to worry about their identities being exposed during transactions because Monero has an opaque blockchain network that hides transactions. Monero is a cryptocurrency […]

Litecoin (LTC) was released as open-source on GitHub on October 7, 2011, by a former Google employeeCharlie Lee, Director of Engineering. Charlie Lee designed Litecoin by taking its core code from Bitcoin and solving some problems such as transaction times, fees, and mining pools. It is one of the oldest […]

With the recent price increase, Stellar has become a favorite of those interested in cryptocurrencies. Especially the price drop seen in some coins has made XLM stand out as an alternative. Then, what is Stellar (XLM)? What is Stellar (XLM)? Stellar is the payment network that aims to connect global […]

Kraken: Who Is It For? Kraken is a well-equipped crypto exchange platform that is suitable for both new and seasoned cryptocurrency investors. With its wide selection of tradable cryptos, reduced trading costs, and top-tier security, Kraken is a good alternative to those who want to explore the cryptocurrency world. However, […]

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