Claim for Binance: ‘Considering Investment from Government Funds’

Claim for Binance: 'Considering Investment from Government Funds'

Binance, which has been under serious regulatory pressure lately, but has been giving compliance messages until the end, has been claim ed to be “considering investment and protection from government funds”. Singapore is the first state to come to the fore on the subject.
Binance, which company founder and CEO Changpeng Zhao said, “I spend 80 percent of my time thinking about regulations,” may switch to a policy of “leaning its back on the state” to take serious steps in this regard.

According to the claim of Wu Blockchain from the Chinese media; Considered the world’s largest exchange, Binance, with a valuation of $200 billion, started to consider receiving investment and protection from government funds at the same time. In the news, it was stated that the first choice was Singapore, which has settled its regulations on cryptocurrencies compared to many other countries.

Binance wants an investor who will facilitate the regulations

Binance’s owners are CEO Zhao (92%) and Yi He (8%). It has been written that he is interested in investment firms that can bring together investors and facilitate the issuance of working licenses for the stock market.

Is Binance Global the new target in the Singapore state?

Vertex Ventures, a subsidiary of Temasek, which is owned by the Singapore state and has assets worth $310 billion, invested in Binance Singapore. The claim is the target of the company is now Binance’s global company, Binance Global.

Binance Singapore chief is announced.

As it is known, Binance announced today that Richard Teng, former head of Abu Dhabi’s Global Markets Center, has become the head of Binance Singapore. Teng was the head of regulation for the Monetary Authority of Singapore for 13 years.

Looking for CEO to replace himself

It is known that Exchange CEO Changpeng Zhao is also looking for a CEO instead of himself and wants this person to be a name with experience in regulations.

US CEO resigns

The recent serious activity in Binance resulted in a separation in the USA, one of the countries that the company attaches great importance to, and Binance US CEO Brian Brooks announced that he left his post after a 3.5-month tenure, citing “difference of opinion”.

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