Apple ‘s Lost Lawsuit Paves the Way for Cryptocurrencies

Apple 's Lost Lawsuit Paves the Way for Cryptocurrencies

The juridical battle between Fortnite game developer Epic Games Apple has ended. The subject of the legal battle was in-game purchases in apps on the App Store.

As it is known, Apple received up to 30 percent of all purchases made in the App Store, including in-app purchases. Payments were made mandatory through the App Store’s own infrastructure. That is, it was forbidden for a game to have its own payment method.

Epic Games, on the other hand, placed a payment method in the mobile version of Fortnite that was disengaged from the App Store. In this way, the company would be able to receive 100 percent of the income from in-game sales. Apple responded to this move by completely removing Fornite from the App Store.

Fortnite sued Apple over it. In the months-long lawsuit, the judge ruled that Apple had acted anticompetitively. While preventing Apple from forcing them to use the App Store payment system, developers were allowed to direct users to their own payment system.

Cryptocurrency payments are now possible, too.

Epic Games can now receive 100 percent of the revenues with the lawsuit it won, while application developers can also receive payments in crypto money. In other words, Starbucks, which is reported to be working on crypto money payments, is experimenting with crypto money again and starting to accept Bitcoin in El Salvador, there is no obstacle in front of accepting crypto money in its applications. Such a situation will significantly increase the use of cryptocurrencies.

Epic Games’ lawsuit with Google

On the other hand, Epic Games is in a similar lawsuit with Google. Since the Apple lawsuit sets a legal precedent, it is thought that the company will also win the fight against Google.

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