Is it possible to learn Forex? Nowadays people are not sure if they can do it or not. The learning process works differently for each person. When we consider verbal, numerical, physical, social, internal, and natural intelligence, we come across 8 different types of intelligence and they directly affect our […]

Warrant is an investment type that promises the right to buy and sell a stock, index, and foreign currency prices at a predetermined price until a certain date. The prices of warrants are predetermined as well as their expiry dates, and the price and expiry value of the underlying asset […]

What is Net Working Capital (NWC)? Capital and business are two inseparable concepts that complement each other. Just as any business cannot be done without the necessary capital, it is also important to evaluate and manage the existing capital in the best way possible. In general, various factors, from cash […]

Investment means the permanent use of savings to generate income. The difference from consumption is that the resource or value is not exhausted at the end of the transaction. Individuals consume a certain part of their income to survive after the income they have earned. The remainder of the consumed […]

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